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Automatic Weather, hydrometric and marine stations* are increasingly used to provide a log of prevailing natural conditions during long-term construction projects such as those associated with large building or civil engineering work.
It is necessary for project engineering to obtain a record of climate, river and sea conditions to design and size structures.
Project management needs a detailed record of weather conditions to show periods when construction was impeded, for example, by very wet or very dry conditions.
Along with all of the other health and safety and environmental risks on a construction site, natural conditions can play a significant role in increasing the chances of an accident or incident occurring.


Enrique Indonesia masters management of standard stations. For each station project, we apply the following actions:

  • A needs analysis and an action plan with the customer;

  • A selection of the best location for the station, on measurement quality criteria, in adequacy with the needs of the project and safety of equipment;

  • A detailed engineering, describing infrastructures and equipments necessary to the proper function of the station;

  • Technological choices, dictated by experience and financial guidelines;

  • Monitoring of procurement and infrastructure works;

  • An installation of equipment with commissioning;

  • A program of maintenance, to ensure longevity of the equipment (including repair shop, equipment inventory);

  • A strict quality control of collected data;

  • A semi-automated data processing and reporting, through a dedicated database;

  • A complete publication of procedures, work instructions, and method of statistical calculation to ensure the quality assurance of published data;

  • A periodic and synthetic publication of data;

  • A periodic publication of activity reports to inform the customer of installation improvements, progress and modifications;

  • And finally an analysis of typical conditions, to allow the engineering project structures sizing and design.


(*) Standard automatic weather stations record rainfall, humidity, wind speed and direction, barometer pressure, solar radiation, temperature. Standard hydrometric stations record river flow, water level and quality. Standard marine stations record tide, current, wave amplitude.

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